Public Projection of MILKOMEDA 3-D Animation
onto 11story building

Friday December at 7 pm at Tremont and Boylston streets in Boston

Ati Maier and Chris Pfister
Adventureland Gallery, Chicago
Opening December 8.-30.2017

New York Short Film Tuesdays

"The Placeless Place" 2016

The “Placeless Place " is scheduled to screen Fall / Winter 2017 program.
at Cheers Terrace in Brooklyn.
Address: 568 Metropolitan Ave. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Hold These Truths at the Nathan Cummings Foundation

Organized in response to our complex, divisive and critical moment in United States History, the group exhibition Hold These Truths includes works by artists who employ strategies ranging from editing and re-framing, to appropriation and culture jamming, to dismantle prevailing constructs of national identity, and observe the right to challenge the very mechanisms that exclude expression and participation.

Included in the exhibition is a compilation of three videos/films that document some of Cannupa Hanska Luger’s work, among them Dispatch from Standing Rock #3 by Ati Maier Opening reception Monday, November 13,2017, the exhibition will be on view through March 14, 2018.

Contact: Local to Global
November 25, 2017 – April 28, 2018

Contact: Local to Global, like the other centennial exhibitions, highlights the engagement of artists with New Mexico, the Museum of Art with artists and collectors, and New Mexico’s engagement with the national and international arts community. Additionally the exhibition looks beyond those very literal intersections and implicates larger ideas about contact such as our engagement with the land and environment, our communities’ alignment with one another, and more broadly the implications of contact such as the discovery of the New World, and space exploration.

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Contact: Local to Global has two interrelated components – the first of which will focus on works by artists like Bruce Nauman, Agnes Martin, Frederick Hammersley and Susan York who have lived and worked in the region, as well as artists and artworks with differing connections to New Mexico.

A second component of more contemporary artworks directly address issues of land, location and environment and will include the site specific installationPollination by indigenous collaborative Postcommodity, single channel videos The Placeless Place by Berlin and New York based artists Ati Maier, and Yorgo Alexopoulos’s work Everything In-Between. Alexopoulos’ work, a 4K animation with custom electronics, was shot and commissioned in New Mexico underscoring the continued relevance of the centuries-old tradition of artists making work that is a meditation on the New Mexico landscape.

New Mexico Museum of Art
Dedicated to the visual arts in New Mexico since 1917

Filming on location at the Slimbuttes Riders ranch (Pine Ridge Rez, SD) for the upcoming Space Rider Film.

Thank you to Marvin Goings and his family for supporting this project .

"The Placeless Place" has been selected to be included in
South London Shorts Festival 2017

Ironstar International Short Film Festival
has updated "The Placeless Place" 2016 to Finalist


Jackson, WY - Center for the Arts is pleased to announce the inaugural Creatives in Residence project, Observatories, curated by Matthew Day Jackson, Camille Obering and Andy Kincaid.
On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will occur in Jackson, WY. The shadow of the eclipse is a point of departure for this program, a point from which we take into account the idea of the silhouette. Jackson Hole and the forms that constitute this place as the "Last of the Old West" maintain a sort of monolithic presence, becoming a silhouette, or shroud, in such a way that its other narratives and meanings become obfuscated. Images and forms that identify Jackson - bronze buffaloes, images of cowboys on bucking broncos, paintings of geysers, wooden sidewalks, to name a few - divert one's understanding of the history of the place away from the other histories that defined and continue to define Jackson Hole and the American West.

Observatories will include work by the following artists

Arturo Bandini
Sarah Braman
Glenn Kaino
Liz Magic Laser
James Luna
Ati Maier
Paul McCarthy
Shana Moulton
Eduardo Navarro
Anna Tsouhlarakis

Observatories' artists will be installing their work one by one. Glenn Kaino's "Hollow Earth" is now open to the public from 9AM-9PM in The Center Park. The summer-long residency will feature several free, public events including an artist talk with Anna Tsouhlarakis on July 10 from 6-7PM, an opening reception with the artists on August 22 from 5-7PM, and a performance piece by Ati Maier on August 24 at 7PM. More information about Observatories is available at

“It’s like the development of civilization on the back of a horse,” Matthew Jackson said of the performance. “How the continuation of this form, a horse as a vehicle and how she’s making the tracing of an event that’s the furthest we’ve ever been from Earth. It’s a really nice continuation of that evolvement of civilization.”

Experience Ati Maier's 'Space Rider' performance on Thursday, August 24th at 7PM at the Teton County Fairgrounds. Free & open to the Public.