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Upcoming at Pierogi | extended through Saturday, November 18, 2023  
“Although my work is largely abstract, it is very much about making invisible energies and wavelengths visible. I start with overlapping sketches” which suggest a provisional composition. “I might begin with an abstract grid, add a galactic structure, then landscapes on top. It is in this period that shapes begin to form and subside, subdivide and cut through and across one another. I weave the layers of space together in such a way that foreground, middle ground, and background along with past, present, and future become one dense coherence.”
(–Ati Maier)

Spit bite and Aquatinta Etching
Publisher Tim Willms Fine Arts
Edition of 10, each 10 x 10 inches, 2023

El Bano Show at Peyton Wright Gallery, 2023

Interview about the SpaceRider with Gregory Volk