"The Placeless Place-2016"
Screening on January 23, Tuesday @ 7:30 pm at Cheers Terrace.

568 Metropolitan Ave. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Projection of MILKOMEDA 3-D Animation
Screening dec.1. - dec.30. 2017, daily 7pm to 1am at Tremont and Boylston streets in Boston, MA

The Emerson College launches the Uncommon Project

Please join me, residents of Boston and visitors to our city, on the Boston Common (near the Boylston MBTA station) on Friday, December 1 at 7:30 p.m. for the unveiling of the Emerson College: Uncommon Project, a series of visual and media projected art installations that will illuminate the Little Building at 80 Boylston Street.

The Uncommon Project, a large-scale projection mapping showcase, will combine the work of local artists and Emerson faculty and students. The dramatic visual display will be a new, dynamic destination for city residents and visitors from around the globe in the heart of downtown Boston. The project will be viewable on the ground from the Boston Common and the surrounding area and will be in place for several months during the construction and renovation of the Little Building.

The project was inspired by the opportunity to create what I believe is “the largest ongoing projected art canvas in the United States.” With curatorial oversight by Emerson’s Foster Chair in Contemporary Art and Distinguished Curator-in-Residence, Joseph D. Ketner, II, the College has partnered with the Emerson Urban Arts Program and the faculty Public Art Think Tank (PATT) in coordination with the creators of Boston’s ILLUMINUS festival.

Ati Maier and Chris Pfister
Adventureland Gallery, Chicago
Opening December 8.-30.2017

Contact: Local to Global
November 25, 2017 – April 28, 2018

Contact: Local to Global, like the other centennial exhibitions, highlights the engagement of artists with New Mexico, the Museum of Art with artists and collectors, and New Mexico’s engagement with the national and international arts community. Additionally the exhibition looks beyond those very literal intersections and implicates larger ideas about contact such as our engagement with the land and environment, our communities’ alignment with one another, and more broadly the implications of contact such as the discovery of the New World, and space exploration.

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Contact: Local to Global has two interrelated components – the first of which will focus on works by artists like Bruce Nauman, Agnes Martin, Frederick Hammersley and Susan York who have lived and worked in the region, as well as artists and artworks with differing connections to New Mexico.

A second component of more contemporary artworks directly address issues of land, location and environment and will include the site specific installationPollination by indigenous collaborative Postcommodity, single channel videos The Placeless Place by Berlin and New York based artists Ati Maier, and Yorgo Alexopoulos’s work Everything In-Between. Alexopoulos’ work, a 4K animation with custom electronics, was shot and commissioned in New Mexico underscoring the continued relevance of the centuries-old tradition of artists making work that is a meditation on the New Mexico landscape.

New Mexico Museum of Art
Dedicated to the visual arts in New Mexico since 1917